Advanced Machining – Benefit from Our Experience

Guided by our customers’ needs.

CADCode Systems software solutions have evolved through customer input and changes to technology used in the industry. 15 years ago no one was using automatic pods, conveyor feeds, multiple machined heads, laser projection, label printing heads on routers, and similar innovations.  At that time many shops were only beginning to adopt computer technology. Today, most manufacturers can’t survive without it. As the machines grow in sophistication and capabilities, the controlling software needs to keep pace.

A history of innovation.  

CADCode was the first to offer simultaneous code generation and control of multiple CNC machines of mixed brand, type, and control. This is critical when utilizing additional machining processes on machines beyond the original – whether going from saw to point-to-point or router to horizontal borer and dowel inserter. CADCode can control laser devices for guiding the placement of labels on panels before they’re machined or guiding the placement of pods and/or parts on the machine bed. Four and five-axis machining, Face6 machining (a term introduced by CADCode), associative machining (another CADCode innovation), and integrated OEM applications are all possible.

  • Advanced nesting algorithms
  • Multiple small-part handling strategies
  • Laser projection for label and part placement
  • 4 and 5-axis machining
  • Automatic Face6 machine programming
  • Rail and pod control
  • Router-mounted automatic label printing
  • Simultaneous code generation for any mix of CNC machines